Craft Stories

...and they lived happily ever after


Acrylics on canvas

We always look forward to our visits to the local zoo with great anticipation. We are so eager to see the lions, the tigers, the giraffes, the zebras and the hippos, the mama bear and her little ones, the playful monkeys. But after a 2 hour walk in the zoo we always end up skipping the bird section.

For the kids the birds section was a ‘necessary evil’, which they always found a way to avoid. Up until one day when we actually ran out of excuses and decided to pay them a visit.

The Attica Zoological Park has over 200 bird species and they are trully magnificent. Birds of unique beauty, with color hues that can only be found in nature. Birds making robotic sounds better than any tech equipment. If you’re lucky you can have a chitchat with a parrot or even hear him swear at you if you get too annoying and ruin his siesta. 



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